The follow up or;

How I automated the build and deployment of my Hugo static site using CircleCI

In my previous post I gave a guide on how I set up my static website using Hugo and AWS. In this much (thankfully) briefer post, I’ll explain how I set up an automatic build and deployment of my new website content by hooking up CircleCI, a container based continuous integration provider, to my Github repo. This post will focus less on the AWS side of things (I’m so tired of taking screenshots), and more on the automation side of things. []

The first post

An origin story or; How I configured my Hugo static website using AWS

A couple of weeks ago or so, my friend Michael mentioned to me that I should buy this domain. I’ve been debating for some time now putting something out there where I could collect some musings, examples, and adventures. So I went ahead and bought the domain through Gandi, set up a forwarding e-mail address, and everything was great! Well, except for having an actual website that is. Nowadays there is an absurd number of ways one could go about creating and hosting a site, but since I like to take opportunities like this to pick up new skills I spent some time looking into some alternate solutions, and I decided that using Hugo to statically generate my pages was the easiest route, for a few of reasons: []